Breast Implant Removal


Breast implant removal has become increasingly popular in Beverly Hills as more women are seeking to reverse their breast augmentation procedure for various reasons. Dr. Ariel Ourian, a highly respected plastic surgeon, is known for his expertise in breast implant removal procedures. With years of experience and the latest surgical techniques, Dr. Ourian delivers exceptional results to his patients, helping them achieve a more natural and comfortable breast size and shape.



what is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure that involves removing breast implants that have been previously placed through breast augmentation surgery. It is sometimes also referred to as explantation or explant surgery. The reasons for removal may vary from medical concerns such as implant rupture or capsular contracture, to personal reasons such as a change in preference or desire to remove the implants. In some cases, the breast tissue may be reshaped or reconstructed during the removal surgery to help restore a more natural breast appearance.

Breast Implant Removal




CANDIDATE FOR Breast Implant Removal?

The ideal Los Angeles Brazilian Butt Lift candidate has unwanted areas of fat, typically in the midsection, love handles, bra line and thighs, and wishes to have a fuller, more projected and rounder buttock area. Candidates may have lost a curvier shape due to aging or weight fluctuations or would prefer to change their natural body contour for cosmetic reasons. Before undergoing the surgery, Dr. Ourian will determine whether you have adequate fat storage in unwanted areas of your body to complete the procedure; some patients are simply too lean to be candidates for BBL and are better suited for other treatments.

What Procedures Can I Combine with a Breast Implant Removal?

Beverly Hills breast implant removal may be combined with other procedures to achieve your goal results. Some patients choose breast implant removal as part of their mommy makeover, which is a combination of procedures designed to address the areas of the body that change due to pregnancy and breast feeding. This may include a tummy tuck or labiaplasty, for example, in addition to breast procedures. It is also common for patient to choose to replace their implants with larger or smaller ones, resulting in a Beverly Hills breast implant exchange. Dr. Ourian can help you determine which size, shape, and type of new breast implants best suit your cosmetic goals. Finally, some patients may combine their explants and lift their breasts at the same time. In this procedure, the natural breast tissue is reshaped and repositioned for a more youthful, lifted appearance.

WHAT IS Breast Implant Removal


Often times, after removal of breast implants, the breast will not only look deflated, but the nipple will appear “droopy.”  Breast explant with lift is a procedure designed to lift and restore the position of “drooping” nipples to a more youthful position. This may be accomplished through a number of incisions, including around the areola (donut), around the areola and down the middle of the breast (lollipop), or around the areola, down the middle and into the crease of the breast (anchor). During a thorough consultation at his Beverly Hills office, Dr. Ourian will be able to determine which lift procedure will be necessary for you. 


Breast Implant Removal?

The final cost of your Beverly Hills explant surgery will vary depending on the extent of the surgery, whether you are replacing your old implants with new ones, and other factors. In addition, the expertise of the surgeon and the geographic location where you have your breast implant removal plays a role in the final cost of the procedure. Thus, the cost of en bloc capsulectomy in Los Angeles can vary considerably. Dr. Ourian’s patient concierge can give you a more specific cost estimate during your thorough consultation.


Frequently asked questions

Women may have breast implants removed for a variety of reasons, including changes in lifestyle, personal preferences, complications with the implants, or health concerns.

In some cases, women may need a breast lift after breast implant removal if the breasts appear saggy or droopy. The need for a breast lift depends on several factors, including the size and type of implants and the amount of breast tissue remaining after the removal.

Yes, breast implant removal typically results in scarring, but the scars are typically discreet and will fade over time.

Yes, women can choose to have new breast implants inserted after breast implant removal if desired. It’s important to discuss this option with your surgeon to determine if it’s appropriate for your individual situation.

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